Diamond Hands

by Diamond Hands

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All songs written, performed and recorded by Jon Flynn and Joel Wall.

LP: You Are the Cosmos Records (www.youarethecosmos.com)
Cassette: BURGER RECORDS (www.burgerrecords.com) Lolipop Records (www.lolipoprecords.com)
CD: Kool Kat Musik (www.koolkatmusik.com)


released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Diamond Hands Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Not The Same
Back when I first saw you I knew just what to say
Now that the time has come I keep the words at bay

Why are you so far away when you're standing next to me
Maybe cuz the way you love is not the same as me

I see the sunshine in your eyes every time we meet
Baby you can drive my car I'm in the passenger seat
Track Name: Maybe Tomorrow
Kiss me one last time it's too early for goodbyes
Do you have to go now maybe tomorrow
Try to see it please if you take a chance you'll see
I just can't give up on us maybe tomorrow

You know I try and try to get away girl
You know the harder that I try the more I realize it's not too late girl

Of all places to be there's a dream of you and me
Will we find it soon maybe tomorrow
Track Name: See You Again
Don't know if I'll see you again
You always were my closest friend
We used to drive around in your old car

Don't know if i'll see you again
I needed a family and you let me in
You used to bang the drum and I'd play guitar
Track Name: Waste My Time
Waste my time it's alright it's nothing new
Ain't got all day I've got all night
And you know I've been here countless times before

Waste my time would you please

People come people go on holiday
If i had my way I would go there too
And all the while

Come back I don't mind come back and waste my time
Track Name: Just Another Day
Woke up in the same clothes I wore yesterday
But I can't complain
Started to feel that I was the one to blame
It's just another day

In another time in another place
It's just another day

Broke down by the side of the road and it's getting cold
But I can't complain
Can't afford to take the train but she paid my way
It's just another day
Track Name: Siren Song
Wish upon a star
Swear upon something secret
Love is what you are
Siren song of the ages
Is it any wonder I call your name

I kneel down I'm prayin
Please hear what I'm sayin
Siren Song

Drivin in my car
Fading with each passing mile
Strummin my guitar
Siren song all the while
Is it any wonder it's all the same
Track Name: Nothing Left To Lose
Spent the last year on the road
Sad to say there's not much to show
People come and people go
You know I'm out here on my own again
One thing I can't stand about you
You've got nothing left to lose

Spent the last year on the road
Can't wait to be back home
I slick my hair back with my comb
You know I'm out here on my own again
Track Name: Come Home
When will you come home my love
When will you be here in my arms
Cuz it's been oh so lonesome
Since you been gone everyday
Longer than the last I will wait
And I'll sing your favorite song
It keeps me hangin on

I miss you every night every day

Look at what you've done to me
Just a couple days is all I need
And the time starts draggin on
And I'll keep playin along
Track Name: Old Man
Old man lives his life in his head
Please sir can you hear my plea
I got no money comin in
Please don't bother me

You know I'm willing to try
Just don't lie to me
Not tonight

I remember everything that you said
No one's gonna hear your plea
I told you one time stay away
Please don't bother me
Track Name: Alone With You
Blue eyes and long black hair
I wanna be alone with you
Let's light that fire inside
I wanna be alone with you

You'll never believe it
You can't believe it's true
Like a postcard
A picture perfect view

When the sun goes down
You know I'll be around

I know your face so well
I wanna be alone with you
Is it night or day and who cares anyway
When the sun is out
Track Name: Not Quite Sure
I'm not quite sure what went wrong
Can't go back too far gone
Can anybody hear me
Lost somethin I can't get back
Stumble for words nervous wreck
Can anybody hear me

Searchin for something
Searchin for you
Can anybody hear me
Hold on for me

Took my time took a chance
No regrets or common sense
Can anybody hear me

Searchin for somethin
Somethin that's real
Like you
Can anybody hear me